Let Us Ensure the Brakes of Your Car Works Well

Effortless Brake Repair Services

When you experience trouble in stopping your vehicle, it is time to get your auto brakes serviced. Get in touch with Frederick Motorsports and get your auto brakes repaired by technicians who are trained by Subaru, Audi, Porsche and certified by ASE.

We offer 10% off regular maintenance work for regular customers. 

Handling an Array of Brake Repair Services

  • Pads 
  • Rotors 
  • Suspension alignment 
  • New linings front and rear  
  • Resurfacing or replacing both rotors and drums
  • Rebuilding or replacing calipers and wheel
  • Cylinders flush 
  • Brake fluid inspection 
  • Wheel bearings 
  • Lubricating all critical areas such as caliper slides and shoe pads 
  • Checking and adjusting parking brake
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We have ASE-certified technicians who can provide you effortless brake repair services. We offer a 12000-mile warranty.
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